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Dallas Motorsports’ Service Department was established so that we could better control the finished product we choose to deliver to our family of customers. Adding the service aspect to our overall process allows us the ability to inspect every incoming car for mechanical wear or cosmetic concerns. Once the inspection process is complete, we can then evaluate and schedule items that have been identified. Having the Service Department in house gives us the opportunity to offer an endless array of personalization options to our customers in an environment where we can maintain and control the highest quality standards.

Our sole focus with this expansion is to make any automotive specimen “better than it was before” whether that project is simple maintenance, engine rebuilds, restorations, or any need in between. If you feel like we can provide any of those needs please contact us in person, phone, or email your request to

No different than the standard our company was founded on, the Service Department is 100% “Driven by Enthusiasm”, with long term relationships our goal.